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How Does Grooming Help with Flea and Tick Prevention?

Taking a trip to the groomer does more for your pet than soften up his coat. Regular grooming in combination with a comprehensive prevention plan from your veterinarian can keep your pet flea and tick free.

Spotting Fleas & Ticks

Fleas can be notoriously difficult to spot. Your first indication that your pet has fleas may not be the sight of the insects themselves but rather the redness, itchiness, and irritation in your pet’s skin. At Old Town Animal Hospital our groomers are trained to notice these signs and work side-by-side with our veterinarian for treatment. Our groomers are a great resource for keeping your pet’s skin and coat healthy, as they will quickly notice any changes that needs medical care. 

Grooming Products

On some pets, fleas and ticks may be deterred by essential oils like peppermint oil and cedar oil. Groomers may use shampoos and flea deterrent sprays containing these natural oils as a topical layer of protection for your pet.  These solutions alone aren’t likely to keep fleas and ticks fully at bay so be sure to use preventative flea and tick medication prescribed by your veterinarian.

Clean Up at Home 

We recommend regularly vacuuming your home, mowing the lawn, and cleaning up clutter. These steps can help reduce favorite hiding places for fleas and ticks, so they are less likely to affect your pet. 

Schedule a grooming appointment with Old Town Animal Hospital at 281-392-8387 today or ask to learn more about flea and tick prevention and treatment options!